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Free Torrent


This BitTorrent tracker will surprise many. Indeed it is a tracker dedicated to free content under license. For those who believed that all sites offering downloads only contained pirated, you must change your mind!

Quote of the disclamer tracker: “freetorrent is a project based on sharing and promoting free software and open content licensed under free and Free License Distribution (LLD) (for any system: Microsoft Windows ™, GNU / Linux Mac OS, xBSD, …)”

That is why the P2P network must not be “Shappa” by ISPs such unscrupulous COMCAST, which does not hesitate to rein in the protocol to reduce speed to a few k / s while their network opens wide for their valves VOD services.

To return to Free Torrent tracker that will allow you to quickly download especially the latest versions LiveCD several popular Linux distributions such

  • Fedora Core, Cent OS, Ubuntu, SUSE, Slackware, RH, Etc
  • Pure OS, GOS-Live
  • Technical books
  • More.

nota : but as you would surely, the tracker is not very popular …

Private tracker.
+- 2000 members.
+- 150 torrents.

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