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Another site torrents to nuts. They seem to grow like mushrooms is a true epidemic. How to recognize a good tracker of bad? It’s a good question, but in this case is very simple interface ugly, full of commercials, index torrents other site as TPB and Tracker Paradise. Also, the translation is really sh*t. It uses a machine translation for the translated pages. Sample translation, “browse torrent” becomes “grazing” … beurk!

But back a little more serious: AVOID this site.

  • Music, Kelly Clarkson, ACDC, Avril Lavigne
  • TV, Prison break, Lost, Casino
  • Games WII, MArio, Sonic, Etc
  • Movie, Resident Evil, untraceable, jumper, matrix
  • More.

Indexeur torrent public
No registration necessary
+- 280 000 torrents.

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One of the most popular site downloading site of the day. Recently, the course of 4 billion downloads was reached when it stood at around 3 billion there are ca 3 months. It’s really a very impressive.

It really is everything and in all languages on this “tracker”. In fact, several torrent are not Tracked by them, but not a bunch of other trakers public, the most popular of all: TPB.

But what is interesting to Mininova, the ranking careful in hundreds of categories. We believe relive the good old days of Yahoo.

Another point for newbies, Mininova does not download because it is not a applications. To download files, you must use a client such as Bittorrent BitComet, uTorrent, Azeureus, KTorrent, abctorrent, to open the files. “Torrents”.

  • DivX, Horton Hears, 10 000 BC, Before the devils know you are Dead
  • Mp3, Full Ablums, Gwen Stefani, REM Accelerate, Michael Jackson - Thriller 25th Anniversary
  • Wallpaper, Avril LAvigne MAXIM, Carmen Electra, Angelina Joli
  • Software, Windows, PC, Vista Ultimate, Nero 8 ultra, Photoshop light room, BSplayer
  • More.

torrents directory
Not mendatory subscription
billion of torrents

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Emule DARK


The dark side of Peer2Peer. eMuleDark is a site that lists links ed2k already available in the search engine eMule. In fact, Emule DARK is the rebirth of the site emule-dream that is more or less closed for some time. Y a daily tour is a good thing to make sure you do not miss the new releases DIVX, ISO, Movies, App, Manga and GAMES PC, PSP, XBOX and more! Some popups in the face, but he must pay the host.

  • Films, Elizabeth : l’âge d’or, The Mist, The Veteran
  • TV shows, Army Wives, Eli Stone, Kyle XY, One tree hill
  • Mangas, Nana, Naruto, Bleach, Yu Go Ho
  • Album, MP3, Music
  • Vidéo Games
  • Tintin, Asterix, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou
  • Microsoft software, Windows XP, Vista, Office 2007
  • More.

Emule, Dumplink, P2p paradise

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Emule Dream


Emule DREAM, another super dumplink EMULE, welcome to the paradise. There were quite all that we wanted on this site … until replaced by emuleDark. Some annoying pop open here and there, but the price to pay precisely nothing. Everything has a price!

  • Manga
  • TV shows
  • Films
  • Albums
  • Video games
  • Comics, Ebook
  • Software
  • Adults X
  • More.

Dumplink EMULE

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