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Pizza Torrent


Find torrents as quickly as receiving a pizza … Frankly, you’ll find what you’re looking well before the delivery is made to your door! This is a really interesting to web2.0 sauce (no pizza sauce). Dynamic, everything goes in AJAX, which mean that the pages do not unnecessarily recharge, just as does Google with its Gmail system. That’s why it’s so fast.

Rather than act like most meta-torrent indexers to the extra-torrent, Pizza Torrent search live on a dozen trackers the films, TV show or software you need. The results come very quickly and are displayed as the research advance. The results are easily sortable by clicking on the column headers.

The search is on the most prestigious bittorrent tracker

  • Mininova
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Iso Hunt
  • FullDLS
  • TorrentReactor
  • myBittorrent
  • NewTorrents
  • Monova
  • LegitTorrents
  • SeedPeer
  • BTJunkie
  • SumoTorrent
  • SuprNova
  • BitTorrent
  • Vuze
  • Etc.

Needless to say, and found virtually everything we are trying to speed phenomenal.

  • Movie DivX, DVDRip, HDDvdRIp
  • Music, MP3
  • TV shows
  • Appz windows, mac, linux
  • GamesPC, xbox, roms, iso
  • Manga
  • And More.

Torrent search engine
No RSS feeds, as torrents are not on this site.

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Torrent Z


Torrentz is not a tracker or a dumplink, but rather a search engine that references dozens of public BitTorrent trackers. It is a little google P2P. Those who know “google suggest” much like this searchengine because it complements your search when you type keywords. You can register on the site, but it does not much because the download is done on external public tracker.

The site is more specialized in films and TV series.

Their policy is very simple

  • It does not log
  • It is crazy that you do
  • We love you

Their technology also

What we found on the site

  • DivX, DVDRip, Cam, Dvdscr, TS, TC
  • Jumper, Love in the Time, Face Off, The Mask, Recon 2022
  • The Mist, Rush, Enchanted, Men in black, John Rambo
  • Saturday Night Live, Top Gear, Lost, American Chopper
  • Survivor, Prison Break, Smallville, Dexter
  • More.

Search Engine
+- 8 000 000 torrents.

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HD french


HDFrench: High Definition Content FR only. Arrived with the market BlueRay discs (and HDDVD deceased), the P2P scene has not been fast enough by launching several BitTorrent trackers dedicated solely to exclusive content in high definition. Among them: HDFrench. The quenching of SnowTigers of this world, it is virtually impossible to register because registration is often closed due to its popularity. Do not hesitate to ask for an invitation in comments: it works.

Most files are available in 720p format, equivalent to around 4GB per film. Writeable easily on a DVD-R regular and perfectly compatible with your favorite player hdmi Upconverter divx.

  • Films 720p, hddvdrip
  • Antonement, The illusionnist, Hanibal Rising, I am Legend
  • No reservations, Goal 2005, Beowulf, Spiderman 3
  • Hostel, Transformers, 30 days of night, Ultraviolet, Gone baby gone
  • More.

Private tracker.
+- 20000 members.
+- 10000 torrents.

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Travel, Downloads, Peer-to-peer, P2P, eMule, eDonkey, PS2, XP Tips, Guides, DIVX, TV Series. That wholesale What is this site. But what concerns us more specifically: P2P and eMule. All eDonkye and the scene experts know Lolocité, because it is a clean and easy to use site, which offers news almost every day. You will like and return often.

Something good when we move the mouse over the links movies, the artwork appears, practice.

  • Films DivX, DVDRip, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, Prémonition, The mist, Elizabeth, etc
  • Séries TV, Las vegas, Lost, Smallville, Gilmore Girl, Heroes, Dirt, Grey’s Anatomy
  • Software, Application PC, FileZila, Skype, CPU-Z, Orb, QuickTime Alternative
  • Section X adult
  • More.

emule Dumplink

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Emule DARK


The dark side of Peer2Peer. eMuleDark is a site that lists links ed2k already available in the search engine eMule. In fact, Emule DARK is the rebirth of the site emule-dream that is more or less closed for some time. Y a daily tour is a good thing to make sure you do not miss the new releases DIVX, ISO, Movies, App, Manga and GAMES PC, PSP, XBOX and more! Some popups in the face, but he must pay the host.

  • Films, Elizabeth : l’âge d’or, The Mist, The Veteran
  • TV shows, Army Wives, Eli Stone, Kyle XY, One tree hill
  • Mangas, Nana, Naruto, Bleach, Yu Go Ho
  • Album, MP3, Music
  • Vidéo Games
  • Tintin, Asterix, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou
  • Microsoft software, Windows XP, Vista, Office 2007
  • More.

Emule, Dumplink, P2p paradise

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