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HD french


HDFrench: High Definition Content FR only. Arrived with the market BlueRay discs (and HDDVD deceased), the P2P scene has not been fast enough by launching several BitTorrent trackers dedicated solely to exclusive content in high definition. Among them: HDFrench. The quenching of SnowTigers of this world, it is virtually impossible to register because registration is often closed due to its popularity. Do not hesitate to ask for an invitation in comments: it works.

Most files are available in 720p format, equivalent to around 4GB per film. Writeable easily on a DVD-R regular and perfectly compatible with your favorite player hdmi Upconverter divx.

  • Films 720p, hddvdrip
  • Antonement, The illusionnist, Hanibal Rising, I am Legend
  • No reservations, Goal 2005, Beowulf, Spiderman 3
  • Hostel, Transformers, 30 days of night, Ultraviolet, Gone baby gone
  • More.

Private tracker.
+- 20000 members.
+- 10000 torrents.

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