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Québec Torrent


UPDATE : site closed, replaced by torrent411


Quebec Torrent: The reference to the Francophone free license. This is the currency, let me laugh, because nothing on this TRAKER license is free. As against, it is probably the largest French-speaking Quebec tracker on the Internet, which is not nothing.

Since they have had problems with justice and several publishing houses, including that of Rock Voisine, a disclamer long as your arm whose acceptance is required we will appear at the connection. Through a lawyer paid for by donations, quebectorrent managed to escape fairly easily, not without creating some jitters to other tracker Quebec for the occasion had put virtually all their outstanding invitations.

To return to the private tracker, there is not anything bad that can be found on dumplink emule or other bittorrent tracker, unlike that contained many Quebecois. They also have a “bar” for Internet Explorer, another “thing” more.

  • TV, LEs bougons, LEs boys, Destiné, L’auberge du chien noir
  • LA petite vie, Lance et compte, Diva, CA, 450 chemin du golf, Les lavigueur
  • Musique, A new Day, Eric Lapointe, Kain, Cowboy fringuant
  • DVDRip, Ratatouille, Dragon des mers, LEs rois de la glisses
  • Appz, Windows XP, Vista, Office, Nero, NOD32, Norton
  • Games WII, PS3, XBOX 360, NDS
  • Burnout Paradise, Word Poker Tour, Fifa 2008, Need for Speed, Fast And Furious PSP
  • BD, manga, ebook, Manuel Auto, Revues, Marvel, Wolverine
  • More.

Private tracker.
+- 65 000 members.
+- 10 000 torrents.

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Travel, Downloads, Peer-to-peer, P2P, eMule, eDonkey, PS2, XP Tips, Guides, DIVX, TV Series. That wholesale What is this site. But what concerns us more specifically: P2P and eMule. All eDonkye and the scene experts know Lolocité, because it is a clean and easy to use site, which offers news almost every day. You will like and return often.

Something good when we move the mouse over the links movies, the artwork appears, practice.

  • Films DivX, DVDRip, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, Prémonition, The mist, Elizabeth, etc
  • Séries TV, Las vegas, Lost, Smallville, Gilmore Girl, Heroes, Dirt, Grey’s Anatomy
  • Software, Application PC, FileZila, Skype, CPU-Z, Orb, QuickTime Alternative
  • Section X adult
  • More.

emule Dumplink

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Emule DARK


The dark side of Peer2Peer. eMuleDark is a site that lists links ed2k already available in the search engine eMule. In fact, Emule DARK is the rebirth of the site emule-dream that is more or less closed for some time. Y a daily tour is a good thing to make sure you do not miss the new releases DIVX, ISO, Movies, App, Manga and GAMES PC, PSP, XBOX and more! Some popups in the face, but he must pay the host.

  • Films, Elizabeth : l’âge d’or, The Mist, The Veteran
  • TV shows, Army Wives, Eli Stone, Kyle XY, One tree hill
  • Mangas, Nana, Naruto, Bleach, Yu Go Ho
  • Album, MP3, Music
  • Vidéo Games
  • Tintin, Asterix, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou
  • Microsoft software, Windows XP, Vista, Office 2007
  • More.

Emule, Dumplink, P2p paradise

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Emule Mania


A dump link for the download EMULE mania. Although it was long a major reference for download ed2k he was to turn the prey of Hollywood lobby and close its doors recently. For the nostalgic, here’s what we found on this excellent site:

  • Movie, Hellphone, Entre adultes, Roadracers, Hostel 2, Etc.
  • Games, Obscure 2, Les sims 2 bon voyage, Tiger Wood PGA, BioShock, Etc.
  • Software, Ultra ISO, Trillian, DVDFab, Zone Alarm, Etc.
  • Vidéos X -> redirect you to pay site, be carreful
  • More.

Emule Dump link

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A new eMule dumplink to put in your favorites sites list … or not to. This depends on the effect if you like to see X popups you jump to face. I do not like it, but it is my opinion. Otherwise, like all the other sites of its kind, you will find the latest news of the hours like

  • Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, Dexter
  • Indianas Jones
  • Rambo 4
  • The Holiday Aliens vs Predator - Requiem
  • Hitman
  • Jumper
  • I’m a legend
  • There Will Be Blood
  • TuneUp Utilities 2008 fr
  • More.

Dump link emule + popup X

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