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Pizza Torrent


Find torrents as quickly as receiving a pizza … Frankly, you’ll find what you’re looking well before the delivery is made to your door! This is a really interesting to web2.0 sauce (no pizza sauce). Dynamic, everything goes in AJAX, which mean that the pages do not unnecessarily recharge, just as does Google with its Gmail system. That’s why it’s so fast.

Rather than act like most meta-torrent indexers to the extra-torrent, Pizza Torrent search live on a dozen trackers the films, TV show or software you need. The results come very quickly and are displayed as the research advance. The results are easily sortable by clicking on the column headers.

The search is on the most prestigious bittorrent tracker

  • Mininova
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Iso Hunt
  • FullDLS
  • TorrentReactor
  • myBittorrent
  • NewTorrents
  • Monova
  • LegitTorrents
  • SeedPeer
  • BTJunkie
  • SumoTorrent
  • SuprNova
  • BitTorrent
  • Vuze
  • Etc.

Needless to say, and found virtually everything we are trying to speed phenomenal.

  • Movie DivX, DVDRip, HDDvdRIp
  • Music, MP3
  • TV shows
  • Appz windows, mac, linux
  • GamesPC, xbox, roms, iso
  • Manga
  • And More.

Torrent search engine
No RSS feeds, as torrents are not on this site.

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Free Torrent


This BitTorrent tracker will surprise many. Indeed it is a tracker dedicated to free content under license. For those who believed that all sites offering downloads only contained pirated, you must change your mind!

Quote of the disclamer tracker: “freetorrent is a project based on sharing and promoting free software and open content licensed under free and Free License Distribution (LLD) (for any system: Microsoft Windows ™, GNU / Linux Mac OS, xBSD, …)”

That is why the P2P network must not be “Shappa” by ISPs such unscrupulous COMCAST, which does not hesitate to rein in the protocol to reduce speed to a few k / s while their network opens wide for their valves VOD services.

To return to Free Torrent tracker that will allow you to quickly download especially the latest versions LiveCD several popular Linux distributions such

  • Fedora Core, Cent OS, Ubuntu, SUSE, Slackware, RH, Etc
  • Pure OS, GOS-Live
  • Technical books
  • More.

nota : but as you would surely, the tracker is not very popular …

Private tracker.
+- 2000 members.
+- 150 torrents.

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Crystaliz Community


UPDATE : closed

Private high speed BitTorrent tracker. Crystalizer is a small community of sharers interested in two things: the quality and speed. Several rivers are in “High Speed”, which means that the main seedeur is on a seedbox 10 or 100Mbps. So you have exceptional speed! Sample torrents currently hight SPEED:

  • Mon.Frere.Est.Fils.Unique.FRENCH.DVDRiP.XViD-NTK
  • Horton.Hears.A.Who.FRENCH.TS.XViD-VCDFRV
  • Naissance.Des.Pieuvres.FRENCH.DVDRiP.XViD-NTK
  • King.Of.California.FRENCH.DVDRiP.XViD-NTK
  • Un.Coeur.Invaincu.PAL.MULTi.DVDR-ZANBiC
  • The.Invisible.PAL.MULTi.DVDR-ZANBiC
  • Sweeney.Todd.The.Demon.Barber.of.Fleet.Street.NTSC.MULTi.DVDR-PLD

So next contained, it is a tracker that few qualify as a general, all contained the most popular time found it quickly. As against, there are a lot of adult content compared to the number of files is a tactic well known to increase its membership. As against a good point: not too many commercials, just some of adsense … in my google has yet to make a tower on the site because I am not sure that is permitted in “Terms of Service - TOS”.

IRC chat is available for the staff quickly and more particularly PHOENIX, the primary administrator of the crystal:) 6668/Crystaliz

  • That 70s show, Greys Anatomy, Dream Catcher, Hotel Babylon, Malcolm
  • Séries Québecoises Torrents, Annie et ses hommes, LEs boys, CA
  • Simpsons, Ugly Betty, Nom de code l’aigle
  • Appz, Software, BS player pro, Adobe Flash, Acrobat, Dream weaver
  • MP3 Jamiroquai, Madonna, Lapointe, Hip Hop, Rap
  • And more.

Private tracker.
*** members
+- 1300 torrents.

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Québec Torrent


UPDATE : site closed, replaced by torrent411


Quebec Torrent: The reference to the Francophone free license. This is the currency, let me laugh, because nothing on this TRAKER license is free. As against, it is probably the largest French-speaking Quebec tracker on the Internet, which is not nothing.

Since they have had problems with justice and several publishing houses, including that of Rock Voisine, a disclamer long as your arm whose acceptance is required we will appear at the connection. Through a lawyer paid for by donations, quebectorrent managed to escape fairly easily, not without creating some jitters to other tracker Quebec for the occasion had put virtually all their outstanding invitations.

To return to the private tracker, there is not anything bad that can be found on dumplink emule or other bittorrent tracker, unlike that contained many Quebecois. They also have a “bar” for Internet Explorer, another “thing” more.

  • TV, LEs bougons, LEs boys, Destiné, L’auberge du chien noir
  • LA petite vie, Lance et compte, Diva, CA, 450 chemin du golf, Les lavigueur
  • Musique, A new Day, Eric Lapointe, Kain, Cowboy fringuant
  • DVDRip, Ratatouille, Dragon des mers, LEs rois de la glisses
  • Appz, Windows XP, Vista, Office, Nero, NOD32, Norton
  • Games WII, PS3, XBOX 360, NDS
  • Burnout Paradise, Word Poker Tour, Fifa 2008, Need for Speed, Fast And Furious PSP
  • BD, manga, ebook, Manuel Auto, Revues, Marvel, Wolverine
  • More.

Private tracker.
+- 65 000 members.
+- 10 000 torrents.

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